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Minimal Skincare Routine for Maximum Results

Minimal Skincare RoutineFor all of you minimalists out there, we are with you! Less is More.

Luckily, taking amazing care of your skin doesn’t depend upon you using lots of products or lots of your time.

Try one of our minimal skincare routines for an effortless, flawless look this season!

The bare minimum skincare routine is broken down into three easy steps you can do morning and night: 1. Cleanse 2. Treat  3. Hydrate.

Simply set your skincare goals and see your recommended regimen:



GOAL: A soothed, hydrated, softer-looking complexion

Cleanse: Ocean Cleansing Milk

Treat: Undaria Argan Oil

Hydrate: Advanced Protection Cream



GOAL: A visibly brighter, refreshed, more even complexion

Cleanse: Ocean Cleanser

Treat: Brightening Serum

Hydrate: Atmosphere Protection Cream


img_2891-1-1GOAL: A purified, more balanced complexion

Cleanse: Ocean Cleansing Mudd

Treat: Essential Corrective Complex

Hydrate: Blemish Balm


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