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DIY Spa Day: Relaxing, Natural Treatment for Stressed Out Skin

IMG_2891Work all day? Up all night? This summer may have your skin looking tired, dull, and uneven. Check out our esthetician-recommended, natural DIY spa treatment for tired, stressed out skin.

Dim the lights, slip into your coziest bathrobe and queue up our “Stay in and Love Yourself” playlist on Spotify, made by our friend and soul explorer Angie BanickiRelaxation starts now!

Step 1: Calm – With eyes closed, inhale for a count of five and exhale for a count of 6. Repeat 3-5 times. You’ll be amazed at how quickly relaxation and stillness sets in. Gently lean into the exhale rather than forcing it. Make this breathing technique a part of your daily unwind to calm the nervous system and practice whenever you’re feeling stressed.  

Step 2: Cleanse – In a warm bath, steamy shower, or simply in your bathrobe begin cleanse with Ocean Cleanser by gently massaging it in soft circular motions over wet skin. Ocean Cleanser contains healing red algae which works to remineralize and hydrate stressed skin. Lime, Cypress, Juniper and Jasmine essential oils will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Rinse with warm water.

Step 3: Restore – Apply a few pumps of White Algae Mask to face for radiant, glowing skin. White Algae and White Tea extracts stimulate collagen production and protect skin from oxidative stress.  Let mask sit for 10 minutes, returning to your calming breath. Bring your awareness to your heart and set a positive intention for yourself, such as “I intend to open my heart to vital, healthy and energized skin.” Slowly remove mask by gently wiping your face in a symmetrical motion with a warm wet washcloth.

Step 4: Replenish – Are we feeling calm yet? Replenish your skin with Essential Hydrating Oil. Not only is it deeply moisturizing thanks to a special blend of nourishing Macadamia, Jojoba and Sesame oils, but it also contains Lavender Essential Oil, which calms the nervous system with its natural aromatic scent. Did we mention that it’s also an aphrodisiac? With the pads of your fingers, begin at your forehead and gently massage oil into your face, neck and décollté. Inhale deeply for a few breaths and fall into bed! Namaste!

For additional hydration, layer Atmopshere Protection Cream over Essential Hydrating Oil after the oil has been absorbed. if you want to continue to stress less and to set better intentions for yourself, contact Angie for a tarot reading to look at the energy, patterns and upcoming shifts in your personal and professional life.

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Soothing Regimen for Stressed Out Skin

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